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So I was gone for a couple days, like, from the Internet. Friday, I was at Charlie's. Saturday, we had our cable and internet provider out to the house changing our outdated Modem, and it wasn't until today (Sunday) that our internet was working properly again. So, sorry about that.
I'm back. I didn't die. It's all good. Will post a thing later. K? Cool. Welp, gonna go pass out. Later, peeps.
Ohhh yeahh........I was gonna upload a thing today. Wellllll, here's this status instead. I know you love them too, right? Especially the ones that say that I intended to do something? No?? Seriously? Pfft, you people are weird. Well, hopefully you'll be happy to know that I probably wont be home tomorrow to post anything, which means it's looking like it'll be Tuesday before you see another post from me. That doesn't make you happy either? Damn. Well, hopefully I'll be able to make it up to you guys. Someday. Assuming my friend doesn't drive like a flipping Baka and get him/me/us killed. That's where I'm going, btw. To a friend's place. Tomorrow. Yup. So yeah, hopefully all goes well and I return safely. Well, bye, everyone. Hope you are all well. Please, take care.


United States
Just an awkward, nerdy-ish, dorky dude who rarely uploads any art here. Yeah, sorry about that.

Oh, you wanted to know about what I do with my life? What is a "Life?" Sorry, don't even know what that is. Lololololol
Cuz sure, why not? Oh, you don't care for these? Well, um, sorry. I guess you should stop reading then........Okay, so from here on, I'm going to assume you actually want to read this. Basically, it's just a bunch of random questions. I saw a fellow deviant, one whom I follow, answer these questions. Is this a productive use of my time? It's entertaining, so yeah, I'll say it is. Oh, and by the way, I'm a bit sarcastic at times. My hope is that it comes across as humorous. Also, I do occasionally use profanity. Just a heads up.

1.) Favorite Avenger?
2.) Harry Potter or Percy Jackson?
3.) Have you read Maze Runner yet?
4.) Favorite book?
5.) What is your opinion on anime?
6.) Name five things you love about yourself.
7.) How tall are you?
8.) What is your name?
9.) You get sucked into your favorite book/anime/show/movie. What is the first thing you do?
10.) Apples or oranges?
11.) What is your favorite book series?
12.) Bucky or Loki?
13.) If you had to be stuck on a deserted island for the rest of your life, who would you bring with you?
14.) Are you allergic to anything?
15.) Do you like animals?
16.) What bands/singers are you into atm?
17.) If every single one of the Avengers asked you out, who would you say yes to?
18.) Do you have siblings? If so, are you close to them?
19.) Are you excited for the new Pokémon games to come out?
20.) Do you play any sports?

Okay, so here we go.

1: I haven't read the comics and don't know all of the people who have been Avengers, but assuming you won't let me opt out of this question, I'll say either Thor or Bruce Banner. I like Thor and love thunderstorms in general and find thunder deities fascinating. I would pick Dr. Banner because I admire his will to battle his demons. He is an awesome and sad character who is quite inspiring.

2: Have read neither book series nor watched either movies. Well, I've seen the first two, maybe three, Harry Potter movies. I'm gonna say Harry Potter. He and I share the same birthday, and he and I received distinctive scars shortly after birth. Also, I feel like Harry Potter might have been one of my nicknames some classmates gave me growing up. Hard to be sure though, I have had many nicknames.

3: Nope. I don't really plan to.

4: Haven't read many books, sadly. I look forward to changing that, eventually. Oh, you still want an answer? The Rhino That Swallowed A Storm, by LeVar Burton. In all honesty, I can't remember every book that I have read and I know that I loved a few. My answer stands for now though.

5: I like it. Hell, I love it. I just don't watch that much of it. I look forward to watching more of it though, in the future.

6: I cannot answer your question, sorry. I'm not trying to sound like a depressing little attention-seeker either, I just don't "love" me. Not exactly my biggest fan, but it's cool. No worries

7: In feet and inches? 6' 1/2"

8: Jacob. (Funfact: My deviantART name, Jieikobu, is actually just how my name would be said in Japanese.)

9: I don't really have a favorite, but I assume it would be fantasy based. I would lay low, learning everything I can about that world. Getting a grasp on the lore, universe, etc.

10: I don't really eat fruit. I'll probably change that one day. If I have to choose though, I guess Oranges. You can make a small oil lamp/lantern with some of the parts of the Orange.

11: Again, haven't read many books. That said, The Chronicles of Vladimir Tod.

12: Curtis Arnolt (Takahata101)

13: No one. Why would I drag someone away from their lives? So I wouldn't get lonely? Fuck that.

14: You mean aside from all of the things that are supposed to be lethal/harmful to every human? No, not to my knowledge.

15: Yeah, animals are quite neat. :3

16: Hmm... I listen to different genres of music, so I listen to numerous musicians. That would be quite the long list, which I shall spare you from.....for now.

17: Probably none of them. I don't date, yet. Don't plan to for quite some time. Assuming I was ready? I don't know. As I said, I don't know who all has been an Avenger. Besides, there are a lot of factors are which I would have to consider. So yeah, sorry.

18: Yes. I have a brother and a half-sister. I have a pretty good relationship with my brother. My, not really. She is nearly 30 years old, I think. Rarely saw her growing. Our dad wasn't allowed in her life much either. Lots of drama.

19: Not really. I haven't played Pokemon for quite a while now. I never had a DS, though I did play a small amount of Diamond using my brother's DS. Personally, I just I don't like it anymore. There a lot of Pokemon now, and you can tell that they're running out of ideas. I mean, seriously, a trashcan is a Pokemon? Nooooope. Though I think I would forgive that if they had character customization. Anyway, rant over.

20: No. No I do not.

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